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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions have been answered here for you.

If your question still has not been answered, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is Graining and Marbling?

It is the reproduction of exotic woods and marbles using paints and glazes to replicate the finishes. Among other uses, it can match surfaces to wooden doors or marble counter tops for example.

What is Traditional Signwriting?

Before the days of vinyl stickers and digital printing, signs were hand painted! Either freehand or with stencils, a range of oil paints and brushes are used for lettering and images alike.

What qualifications do you have?

GCE Art & YCFE in Graphic Design, 1973-75

EMFEC 759 Signwriting Qualification, 1982-83

OCN Wood Graining & Marbling, 1997-2000

City & Guilds Teaching Certificate Stages 1 & 2, 2000-01

Above all else - 35 Years industrial experience!

Where do you hold your lessons?

The Stockport Workshop is now closed, there is no new location to be disclosed as of yet, but you may keep up with the School of Decorative Art on Facebook.

When will more courses be announced?

No new courses are to be announced.

How is my data used and stored?

All information we collect and store about past or present students is conducted in strict accordance to GDPR guidelines. For more details please read our privacy policy

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